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Research has shown that a team approach to problem solving is more effective than solving problems or creating new products on one’s own. A Solvathon is a team of participants, under the structure of Solvation, who work together to solve an existing problem or create new ventures in innovative and creative ways.  A Solvathon may be located anywhere in the world, thereby engaging a large and diverse community of creative thinkers in a joint venture. 

A Solvathon is different from a Hackathon in that it provides a pre-packaged structure  that allows registered participants to:

Receive “About-Right℠” compensation based on value creation determined by a compensation committee elected by those whose contributions places them in the top 25% of the value creators. The other participants may possibly receive other rewards such as invitations to participate in follow-on Solvathons, mentoring, certificates of achievement, letters of recommendation and other desirable recognitions. The rewards will vary from Solvathon to Solvathon.

You can participate In many ways, including problem submission, problem solving, funding and outcome utilization. Your participation, along with others, helps accelerate solutions to problems that can be competitive in the marketplace.  

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To find out more about joining or starting a Solvathon Group, contact : [email protected]

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Unified by Solvation℠