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Many Business Essentials

Offered During Or After Solvathons

Business Development

Developing Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, Joint-ventures. and other long-term relationships


Consultative Sales, B2B Sales, B2C Sales


Investors, Syndication, European style Merchant Banking, Crowdfunding, Financial Assessments, Stock & Commodities trading


Marketing, Product Marketing, Product Management

Innovating & Engineering

Hardware, software and systems. Especially involving emerging technologies.


Dispute Prevention, Recruiting, Team Building and other HR functions


Where Solutions & Inventions happen

Solvation® is a company dedicated to teaming, grouping, partnering, strategic alliances, co-venturing, and otherwise unifying, two or many companies and individuals, who seek empowerment and success in businesses or personal endeavors.  Using Spring-Boarder, they use its Success-Maker Platform and its Success-Maker Experts to enable, empower and supercharge them to be viable, successful and profitable. Some core areas Solvation offers help in are: multi-party business-building, legal, marketing, sales, funding, recruiting, advising. See Solvation’s website with more information, with online chat, and other communications options.

Success-Makers Administration and Operations, customized frameworks and platforms that provide support for individuals or small, medium or large multi-party activities, for small or short-term projects or tasks, or for major long-term ventures, initiatives and endeavors.  Enabling and empowering businesses or individuals, whether they are “to work for”, “to team-with”, “to be partners with”, “to co-venture with”, or “to merge with”. The framework and its suite of Success-Makers provide “protective-umbrellas and protective-safety-nets, safeguards and shields” for “risk minimizing and success maximizing”.

Research has shown that a team approach to problem solving is more effective than solving problems or creating new products on one’s own. A Solvathon’s is a team of participants, under the structure of Solvation, who work together to solve an existing problem or create new ventures in innovative and creative ways.  A Solvathon’s may be located anywhere in the world, thereby engaging a large and diverse community of creative thinkers in a joint venture.

Solvathons are different from Hackathons in that they provide a pre-packaged structure that allows registered participants to:Receive “About-Right℠” compensation based on value creation determined by a compensation committee elected by those whose contributions places them in the top 25% of the value creators. The other participants may possibly receive other rewards such as invitations to participate in follow-on Solvathons, mentoring, certificates of achievement, letters of recommendation and other desirable recognitions. The rewards will vary from Solvathons to Solvathons.

You can participate In many ways, including problem submission, problem-solving, funding and outcome utilization. Your participation, along with others, helps accelerate solutions to problems that can be competitive in the marketplace.


Have Fun,
Win Prizes,
Get Mentored,
Or Get Paid!

It’s Engineering Principles - Applied to Business. From Idea to Maturity.

Some Featured Projects

A stock trading software program.

Red Rider™

In real time optimized what to buy and when to sell.  Invented algorithm that materially differed from those used on Wall Street.  Formed partnership with former VP of Engineering of Perimeter Technologies.  Co-designed “beta” version.  Developed buy/sell algorithm. Traded stocks nicely profitably.  

High precision wireless location technology.

True-Grit Wireless™

For a Partner’s and Sage Alliances’ Portfolio.

Offered Sales/licenses of IP.

Responsible for Business development and Sales to OEMs.

Oil-water separation and water purification technologies and systems


For Partner’s and Sage Alliances’ Portfolio. Invented The Sage Separator™ an intelligent system which turned a multi-pass into a single-pass system.  Responsible for: Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Engineering, Team Building, Investor Development. Hired co-founder who was Syncrude’s Inclined Plate settler expert. Amassed a solid number of interested  big investors in Alberta

A rotating advertising and messaging system

The Magic Ball™

Responsible for: Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Team Building. Jointly responsible for  Engineering.  Systems are magnetically coupled and brushless, with real- time message updating.  Did alpha-design, invented and patented  its magnetic ‘rotary transformer’ coupling.  Hired engineering and development subcontracting teams.  The joint-venture (with whom?) went public on the London Stock exchange valuing it at $4 million.

Vendor of Business Planning software for PC

Plans ‘n Totals™

Software featured both graphical or numeric data input. Product produced monthly, quarterly and yearly projections of Financial Statements over a 5 year period.. Doing so, product produced the company’s “plan”.  The Book of IBM Software rated it, 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.  Product became popular with Small Business Development Center of the US Government’s Small Business Administration.

Wireless automobile navigation in VII environments

Automotive Communications Systems, Inc.

For Partners’ and Sage Alliances’ Portfolio. Hired CEO, the former VP of Sales for Motorola’s OnStar division.  Hired 2 wireless engineers who had been VPs of Engineering or CTOs in wireless companies. Developed Algorithms for wireless navigation of cars in a Vehicular Integrated Infrastructure (VII) environment.  Co-invented and co-developed specialty radio algorithms. Co-Sold OEM relationship with STMicroelectronics.  

Vendor of Business Planning software for PC

Redding & Company, Inc.

Responsible for placing VP level Engineering, Sales and Marketing talent. Used emerging trends to highlight the need for recruiting and creating purposeful elite teams that are able to innovate and perform difficult tasks or have a wide range of skills for projects that need them.

Multi-layer user-interface accelerating “hands-on” software training.  


Developed alpha-design spec. Built engineering team.  Worked with Patent Attorney. Hired the Engineer that had built and deployed the second e-commerce system ever as CTO/VP of Engineering.  

Get Your Questions Answered by The Founder!

John Andrew Redding

Mentor | Business Plan Judge | Advisor

Each collaboration is lead, co-lead or overseen by mutually selected neutralist Success-Makers(tm) – serial entrepreneurs or C-Levels with track records of success, Supported by “everyone in Solvation”, as well as by Spring-Boarder(TM). Success-Makers drive success rates and growth away up and to drive risks away down – with their compensation tied to success

Some Professional Activities

In 2015 A report released today by MIT underscores the substantial economic impact of the Institute’s alumni entrepreneurs, whose companies have created millions of jobs and generate annual revenues of nearly $2 trillion — a figure greater than the gross domestic product (GDP) of the world’s 10th-largest economy.

MIT STEX (MIT Startup Exchange). Member.

Business Plan Competition. Invited Panelist. Invited Judge. Invited Speaker.

Spoke to audience, competitors  and the Chinese Television audience on Entrepreneurship.

Business Plan Competition. Invited. Judge.

Venture Cafe Foundation. Entrepreneurship Melting Pot. Mentor.

2018 Conference Schedule

2016. MIT Alumni Angels of Boston. Member.

2016: MIT Bitcoin and Blockchain Club. Member.  


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Business Plan Judges, Panelists, Mentors, Members, Advisors, Invitees.

Solvation’s Associations

Solvation is a company dedicated to teaming, partnering, strategic alliances, or co-venturing with other companies, or individuals, who need assistance in making their businesses or personal endeavors successful and profitable.  Using a new platform called Spring-Boarder, they can use Solvation’s team of success-maker experts to help them accomplish what they are missing in order to be viable, successful and profitable. Some core areas Solvation offers help in are: legal, marketing, sales, funding, recruiting, advising.

WordPress Core Development team member. Was asked to head the worldwide SQA team for a major release.


MIT$100K Business Plan Competition.
Judge - by invitation

MIT Bitcoin and Blockchain Club.

MIT Energy Club

The World Bank.
Introduction to a key member of a major world bank.

MIT Alumni Angels of Boston

Worcester Polytech Venture Forum
Entrepreneurship Panelist - by invitation.

MIT Technology Review
Member The Global Panel, by invitation.

Venture Cafe Foundation. Entrepreneurship Melting Pot.

MIT Club of Boston
Members. Investors.

MIT Alumni Association.

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